A vision comes true   

The vision of our customer ERWE Projekt Friedrichsdorf GmbH is to build a business campus in Friedrichsdorf which offers sustainable jobs in a mobile location with innovative architecture and protects the environment at the same time. A new working environment is being built here directly on the A5 autobahn, within sight of downtown Frankfurt and Frankfurt International Airport. A “laboratory” is being created here for companies that want to follow the vision in which new ideas are realized at the foot of the “Taunus”. That is why we have the new business campus called “TAUNUS LAB”. We have given the project its own branding that is very different from other “business parks”. We started with the logo and name development even before the construction work. We are represented on the Internet with our own website and an active Facebook presence. We shall soon start on-site construction site marketing.

Client: ERWE, Frankfurt


   business park   
   in a class   
   of its own   

Drone images of the plot